"Not only do they look terrific, they feel great. I'd like to say that I'll think of you when I wear them, but they are so comfortable, my thoughts certainly won't be on my feet."

~ Payne Stewart


"I wanted to write a quick note to thank you for the shoes.  I enjoy them very much - they've even improved my game!  I've received many compliments.  It has been a pleasure working with you.  Thanks again."

~ Barry Alvarez


"Thanks very much for the boots --they're great!"

~ Ted Turner

"Wow, these shoes are stunning!  I can't believe how comfortable they are.  I am truly impressed!  I would love to work together in the future."

~ Doug McLaughlin, Editor and Publisher of Beverly Hills Lifestyle Magazine.


"Just wanted to get back to you and let you know that my golf shoes are very comfortable and have broken in nicely. I do not think it is a coincidence that I have had several good rounds posting scores at or below my handicap. I feel the shoes make a difference."

~ Ed  Gale


"The shoes are fantastic.  They fit beautifully, look awesome and I got some great comments on them from my fellow players.  Thank you for everything and have a great weekend."

~ Chris Richardson


"WOW !!! These shoes are spectacular. They are beautiful and fit like a glove. Hope my  friends want them too!"

~ Peter Cerni


"My shoes arrived today.  Now if I can only play as classy as they look."

~ Ralph Handly


"Just got the shoes.  Outstanding job – you just found a customer for life."

~ Dave Kilmetz


"Shoes look great. I  can’t wait to play in them. If they fit and feel as good as they look I will be buying more!!"

~ Richard J. Feltes


"My ex-boss Mark Pursell recently received his new customer gold shoes and said they are the most comfortable shoes he’s ever put on.  The SOB is already a 2 handicap we all hope it doesn’t go any lower.  He sent me a picture, they looked great.  Good job. Thank you for making them special. They will be well used."

~ Michael Currier


"Sorry for the late response.  My shoes have arrived and I have enjoy wearing them very much.  It does feel strange to wear shoes that fit."

~ John C. Morreale


"What a great looking pair of golf shoes and they fit perfect! Thanks!"

~ Scott Shull